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Sabine Lake to Freeport

CCA Texas is pleased to provide you with the following list of guides who support our organization. Please think of them when you are planning your next fishing trip. The following list of guides are guides that have supported CCA Texas during the most recent Banquet season.

Capt. Adam Jaynes
Contact: Adam Jaynes
Region: Louisiana, Sabine
Phone: (409) 988-3901
Capt. Eddie Hernandez
Contact: Eddie Hernandez
Region: Sabine
Phone: (409) 673-3100
Website: goldenhookguide.com
Capt. George Knighten
Contact: George Knighten
Region: Galveston, Sabine
Phone: (832) 310-9146
Capt. Gordon Creel
Contact: Gordon Creel
Region: Sabine
Phone: (936) 402-3156
Email: gordon.creel@champ-tech.com
Capt. Jason Kuchera
Contact: Jason Kuchera
Region: Sabine
Phone: (903) 780-8618
Email: sabineadventures@yahoo.com
Website: sabineadventures.com
Capt. John Brummerhop
Contact: John Brummerhop
Region: Galveston, Matagorda, Port O’Connor – Seadrift
Phone: (281) 235-2035
Email: Capt-John@Angler-Products.com
Capt. John Chesser
Contact: John Chesser
Region: Galveston
Phone: (409) 673-5420
Email: johnchesser50@gmail.com
Website: fishingguidesgalvestonbay.com
Capt. Mike Kocurek
Contact: Mike Kocurek
Region: Galveston
Phone: (281) 728-5611
Email: Capt.michaelkocurek@gmail.com
Capt. Ralph Frazier
Contact: Ralph Frazier
Region: Galveston, Sabine
Phone: (281) 337-0321
Email: ralph2fish@aol.com
Website: fraziersguideservice.com
Capt. Scott Null
Contact: Scott Null
Region: Galveston
Phone: (281) 450-2206
Capt. Shawn Hebert
Contact: Shawn Hebert
Region: Galveston
Phone: (281) 426-4324
Email: hebert00@comcast.net
Website: trinitybayfishing.com
Capt. Steve Davis
Contact: Steve Davis
Region: Sabine
Phone: (409) 460-1220
Email: nofearfishing@yahoo.com
Website: coastaloutfittersguideservice.com
Capt. Steve Hillman
Contact: Steve Hillman
Region: Galveston, Matagorda
Phone: (409) 256-7937
Website: hillmanguideservice.com
Capt. Zane Starr
Contact: Zane Starr
Region: Galveston
Phone: (281) 515-1952
Email: capt.zanestarr@yahoo.com
Website: gulfcoastfishtrips.com
Claude Conger
Contact: Claude Conger
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 252-0883
Coastal Connection Guide Service
Contact: Capt. Glenn Hammond
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 208-0683
Website: coastalconnectionguide.com
Colburn’s Sabine Connection
Contact: Capt. Dickie Colburn
Region: Sabine
Phone: (409) 833-0723
Website: sabineconnection.com
David Salinas
Contact: David Salinas
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 248-0207
Email: redfish.salinas@yahoo.com
Gypsy Guide Service
Contact: Capt. Billy Pennick
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 545-1887
Email: penickbilly@yahoo.com
Website: gypsyguideservice.com
High Tail Angler, Robert Sloan
Contact: Robert Sloan
Region: Galveston
Phone: (409) 782-6796
Email: sloan288@aol.com
Website: hightailangler.com
Jim West
Contact: Jim West
Region: Galveston
Phone: (409) 996-3054
Email: captjimwest@yahoo.com
Website: bolivarguideservice.com
Paparda Rey Fishing Charters
Contact: Capt. Randy King
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 322-8679
Email: randy.parpardarey@yahoo.com
Website: offshorebiggame.com
Randy Foreman
Contact: Randy
Region: Sabine
Phone: (409) 719-6067
Email: captrandy@fishsabine.com
Website: fishsabine.com
Richard Cabrera
Contact: Richard Cabrera, Reel Hook Guide Service
Region: Galveston
Phone: (713) 456-9360
Email: richcabrera@yahoo.com
Website: www.fishinggalvestonbaycomplex.com
Tides and Tails
Contact: Capt. Mark Salazar
Region: Galveston
Phone: (281) 513-7468
Email: captsalazar@comcast.net
Website: tidesandtailsguideservice.com


Disclaimer: All U.S. Coast Guard-certified guides who made contributions to CCA Texas in the past and current year are listed. CCA Texas provides this list as information for its members that they may find useful and as a way of thanking the guides who support it. Appearance on this list does not represent a recommendation or an endorsement of any guide on such list by CCA Texas.