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CCA Texas Guides Directory – Lower Coast Guides

Corpus Christi to South Padre Island

CCA Texas is pleased to provide you with the following list of guides who support our organization. Please think of them when you are planning your next fishing trip. The following list of guides are guides that have supported CCA Texas during the most recent Banquet season.

Backlash Charters
Contact: Grant Coppin
Region: Corpus Christi, Upper
Laguna Madre
Phone: (254) 913-8122
Email: captgrant@backlashcharters.com
Website: backlashcharters.com
Baffin Bay Rod & Gun
Contact: Aubrey Black
Region: Baffin Bay, Hunting – Texas, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 557-0090
Email: captblack@captblack.com
Bamm Bamm Fishing Charters
Contact: Chad Kinney
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (956) 802-2269
Website: bammbammfishing.com
Bays to Brush Guide Service
Contact: Travis Walker
Region: Corpus Christi, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (830) 676-3589
Cell: (361) 449-6306
Email: twalker@granderiver.net
Capt. Adrian Woschnagg
Contact: Adrian Woschnagg
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (361) 215-1093
Email: coastlinerods1@yahoo.com
Capt. Brett Caron
Contact: Brett Caron
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (361) 290-8442
Email: brettcaron@rocketmail.com
Capt. Bryan Robinson
Contact: Bryan Robinson
Region: Arroyo Colorado, South Padre Island
Phone: (956) 241-5520
Email: bryandrobinson@yahoo.com
Website: flyfishspi.com
Capt. Chris Evans
Contact: Chris Evans
Region: Corpus Christi, Upper
Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 774-3098
Email: csevans@gmail.com
Capt. Cliff Webb
Contact: Cliff Webb
Region: Baffin Bay, Corpus Christi,
Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 949-0707
Email: fishing@cliffwebb.com
Website: cliffwebb.com
Capt. David Pena
Contact: David Pena
Region: Corpus Christi, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 765-0388
Email: captaindavidpena@yahoo.com
Capt. David Robinson
Contact: David Robinson
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone:(361) 774-8780
Email: drobinson@mygrande.net
Capt. Frankie Eicholz
Contact: Frankie Eicholz
Region: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 701-7711
Email: captfrankie@just1moreoutfitter.net
Capt. Geoff Austin
Contact: Geoff Austin
Region: Corpus Christi, Upper Coast
Phone: (361) 510-8708
Email: geoff@redfishseries.com
Capt. Kevin Cochran
Kevin Cochran
Region: Baffin Bay, Corpus Christi, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 688-3714
Email: kevxlr8@mygrande.net
Website: fishbaffinbay.com
Capt. Levi Price
Contact: Levi Price
Region: Baffin Bay, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Rockport
Phone: (830) 613-1865
Email: captlevi@tstar.net
Website: thefishtx.com
Capt. Mark Fling
Contact: Mark Fling
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (303) 902-5258
Email: mfling@gmail.com
Capt. Mike “Suda” DeLong
Contact: Mike DeLong
Region: Corpus Christi, Upper
Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 331-3811
Capt. Mike McBride
Contact: Mike McBride
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (956) 746-6041
Email: mike.mctrout1@gmail.com
Website: skinnywateradventures.com
Capt. Mike O’Dell
Contact: Mike O’Dell
Region: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 438-1866
Email: captmikeoutdoors@yahoo.com
Website: afishingfantasy.com
Capt. Nino Gonzalez
Contact: Nino Gonzalez
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (361) 332-1568
Capt. Randy Best
Contact: Randy Best
Region: Corpus Christi, Port Aransass – Aransas Pass, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 533-2058
Email: captrandyb@yahoo.com
Capt. Rene Hinojosa Jr.
Contact: Rene Hinojosa, Jr.
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (956) 347-3534
Cell: (956) 966-0719
Capt. Richard Watson
Contact: Richard Watson
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (832) 896-0234
Email: richardpwatson@yahoo.com
Capt. Rob Cummings
Contact: Rob Cummings
Region: Baffin Bay, Matagorda
Phone: (832) 274-7416
Email: cummingres@sbcglobal.net
Website: gulfcoastguideservice.com
Capt. Ron Henne, Jr.
Contact: Ron Henne, Jr.
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (361) 438-7572
Email: saltyangler@att.net
Capt. Tommy Countz
Contact: Tommy Countz
Region: Baffin Bay, Matagorda, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (281) 450-4037
Email: tcountz@wcnet.net
Capt. Tony Gagliano
Contact: Tony Gagliano
Region: Corpus Christi
Phone: (361) 945-1250
Email: Anthony.Gagliano@fhr.com
Capt. Tricia Whitley
Contact: Tricia Whitley
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (956) 642-7298
Email: shell@Granderiver.net
Website: skinnywateradventures.com
Danny Neu
Contact: Danny Neu
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (979) 942-0165
Email: dneucharters@yahoo.com
Dunkin Guide Systems
Contact: Douglas Dunkin
Region: Arroyo Colorado
Phone: (956) 873-3850
Website: dunkinguide.com
Frontier Charters
Contact: Mark Atkinson
Region: Arroyo Colorado
Phone: (956) 364-2001
Grey Gator Guide Service
Contact: Capt. Blake Muirhead
Region: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 790-5203
JW Outfitters
Contact: Jake Wehring
Region: Baffin Bay
Phone: (361) 850-3761
Matt’s Hunting and Fishing Guide Service
Contact: Matt Stennet
Region: Corpus Christi, Hunting – Texas, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 232-0739
Port “A” Bay Charters
Contact: Michael Shelton
Region: Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Upper
Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 205-7707
Email: moon72ms@gmail.com
Website: portabaycharters.com
Producers Guide Services
Contact: Cody Roesener
Region: Baffin Bay, Corpus Christi, Hunting – Texas, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (961) 531-0078
Email: captcody@theproducerstexas.com
Website: theproducerstexas.com
Rough Times Guide Svc-Kyle Burges
Contact: Kyle Burges
Region: Baffin Bay, Corpus Christi, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 332-9228
Website: kyleburges.com
Ruben Garza, Snookdude Charters
Contact: Ruben Garza
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (832) 385-1431
Email: ruben@snookdudecharters.com
Salt Life Guide Service
Contact: Bryson Becker
Region: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 215-3405
Email: brysonbecker1@gmail.com
Sport Fishing Texas
Contact: Billie Kocian
Region: Port Aransas – Aransas Pass, Rockport, Upper Laguna Madre
Phone: (361) 688-8859
Email: billiekocian@yahoo.com
Website: sportfishingtexas.com
Strictly Artificials Baffin Bay GS
Contact: Martin Tunon
Region: Baffin Bay
Phone: (361) 522-6323
Tail Chaser Charters
Contact: Charley Buchen
Region: Port Mansfield
Phone: (956) 605-6409


Disclaimer: All U.S. Coast Guard-certified guides who made contributions to CCA Texas in the past and current year are listed. CCA Texas provides this list as information for its members that they may find useful and as a way of thanking the guides who support it. Appearance on this list does not represent a recommendation or an endorsement of any guide on such list by CCA Texas.