Port O’Connor

The Port O’Connor chapter is composed of Port O’Connor, Indianola, Seadrift and their surrounding communities.

President Bill Moore 361.983.4690
Assistant Director Taylor Rieck 800.626.4222

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  • Currents - April/May 2017

    The 2017 Crab Trap is now history, and it doesn’t seem like this was the 16th year! The POC Chapter was on hand at the Texas Park and Wildlife Docks to assist on Saturday, February 18. It was Chamber of Commerce weather – Weather was beautiful, and it was a good day just to be on the water.

    The chapter provided lunch for all who showed up. Thanks to all who participated both at the docks and on the water. The number of participants on the water was up this year. Also, special thanks to Norman Boyd of TPWD for the use of their facilities and for his assistance.

    We will be scheduling meetings in preparation for the 18th Annual POC Chapter Banquet, with the first meeting on July 20. Be sure to pencil in Saturday, October 21 on your calendar for our 2017 Annual Banquet.

    As the weather warms, and the north winds come see us, if you want to get involved with the chapter and/or banquet, contact us in POC, “Where it all began” – Bill Moore



  • President: Bill Moore
    Vice President:
    Mike Sharp
    Vice President: Dain Whitworth
    Secretary: Jim Busby
    Treasurer: Ann Brownlee
    Sergeant at Arms: Sonny Cook
    Banquet Chairman: Carl Ray
    Banquet Chairman: Jim Busby
  • Ann Brownlee Jim and Debbie Busby Sonny Cook
    Patti Elkins Pam Johnson Donnie and Julia Klesel
    Monique Morlan Suzie Onishi Carl and Pam Ray
    Lefty and JoAnne Reed Mike and Maxine Sharp Barbara Skalak
    Candice Stryker
  • The 2017 Port O'Connor Chapter Annual Banquet will be held on Saturday, October 21 at the POC Community Center Pavilion. Further Details to Follow.