Mid Coast

The Mid Coast chapter is composed of Victoria, Goliad, Inez, Fannin, and their surrounding communities.


President Danny Goyen 361.564.7471
Assistant Director Coleman Todd 800.626.4222


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  • Currents - April/May 2017

    Welcome, Midcoast Chapter CCA members and board members! A big thanks goes to the current Midcoast board members who have already put it in overdrive to make our big 2017 Annual Chapter Banquet on April 28 a guaranteed success. Another big thanks goes to Dr. Burns for putting together a sold out General Meeting on March 2 with speakers Dr. John McNeill and Capt. Danny Goyen at Frances Maries Restaurant. We have two of these events a year to attract and encourage new men and women to get involved and see what CCA is all about.

    We are still selling tickets for our awesome 22'-6" Mowdy, and they are going fast. We are only selling 700 tickets at $100 each. If you would like to purchase one, call David Jenkins at (361) 648-9185 or Danny Goyen at (361) 564-7471. Feel free to contact me for more details about the boat or our banquet on April 28. – Thanks, Capt. Danny Goyen


  • President: Danny Goyen
    Vice President: David Jenkins, Curt Allison, Dr. Brian Burns
    Treasurer: Tracy Jurek
    Secretary: Lisa Jenkins
    Sergeant at Arms: Perry Rankin
    Board Member for E-Board: Curt Allison
    Communications Directors: Gabby Benoit, Tylar Walyuchow
  •  **Click Here to purchase your Tables and Tickets for the 2017 Midcoast Chapter Annual Banquet**

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