Redfish Bay

The Redfish Bay Chapter is composed of Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Port Aransas, Beeville and their surrounding communities.


President Norman Oates 361.758.0266
Assistant Director John Blaha 800.626.4222


  • For more information about chapter events, and if you are interested in helping your local board, please contact Norman Oates at 361.758.0266 or John Blaha at 800.626.4222.

  • Currents - Feb/Mar 2017

    We on the CCA Texas Redfish Bay Chapter Board welcome all of our members into the New Year. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    The Chapter Board is starting to work on our 2017 Annual Banquet. It will be on April 29, 2017. As always, it will be a family event with a sit-down meal, beer, wine, cokes and water.  The meal will include salad, entree and dessert. We will have raffle, silent auction and live auction items – many provided by our local merchants so that there are items of interest for everyone. In addition to fishing and outdoor equipment, we will have artwork, jewelry and home decorations. Our board members work hard to have a variety of items for virtually every attendee’s taste.

    In addition to the banquet, we will have the Take-a-Kid-Fishing event at Woody’s Sports Center the first weekend of June. This is a great event for young fisherpersons! – Norman Oates

  • President: Norman Oates 361.758.0266
    Treasurer: Bob Weber
    Beeville Leader: Bobby Stuart
  • Chapter Board Members

    Bobby Stuart Glenn Martin Matt Apple
    Charlie Zahn Gordon Taylor Robert Tipps
    Don Wilkinson Jay Jones Randy Ricks
    George Horner John Hunter Ron Dollins
    Wes Bonner Shella Bonner John Hunter
    Donna Bradley Carol Horntrop Karl Ahlers
    Claudia Brinkman

    Banquet Committee Members

    Bob Weber Jay Jones Randy Ricks
    Glenn Martin Kay Blaha Ron Dollins
    Gordon Taylor Wes Bonner Shella Bonner
    Jackie Oates Norman Oates Don Wilkinson


    Beeville Fish Fry Committee Members

    Bob May Dewayne Bowman Larry McClintock
    Bobby Stuart John Hunter Robert Neuser
    Dan Moore King Fuller Steve Novak
    Curtis Bednorz Scott Childress Trace Morrill
    Cruz Alainz


    Take-A-Kid Fishing Committee Members

    Carolyn James Elisa Lunt Glenn Martin
    Robin Krenek Duncan Neblett John Hunter
    Bobby Stuart Georgia Neblett Kyle Whidden
    Charlie Zahn George Horner
  • **Click Here to purchase your Tables and Tickets for the 2017 Redfish Bay Chapter Annual Banquet**
  • The 2017 CCA Annual Beeville Fish Fry will be held Monday, September 4 at May Ranch. Further Details to come.