San Bernard

The San Bernard chapter is composed of East Bernard, Wallis, Orchard, Hungerford, Lissie and their surrounding communities.


President Ross Kutach 281.330.0135
Assistant Director Coleman Todd 800.626.4222


  • Our chapter will be hosting our second social event of the season on October 26 at the American Legion Hall in East Bernard at 6:30 pm. A steak and lobster dinner will be served, and Leslie D. Hartman, Matagorda Bay Ecosystem Leader for TPWD will be discussing the bay systems of East and West Matagorda. Seats are limited, so call today! Contact William Wilcox at (281) 753-1445 to reserve your seats.

    We will continue to meet somewhere in the East Bernard area
    every Third Tuesday evening of each month.

    William Wilcox – has put together three functions to be spread out over the summer and early next spring, social events called The Speaker Series. The first event is scheduled for June 1 at S-Curve in East Bernard. The cost $10 per ticket and limited to the first 60 attendees, with all-you-can-eat crawfish to be served as the meal. Our first speaker will be CCA Advocacy Director Shane Bonnot. He will be speaking about the oyster systems in the bays and CCA’s efforts to maintain them for years to come. Ask your local chapter member about the event!

  • Currents - Dec/Jan 2018

    In the aftermath of the storms this summer, the coast is back up and running with some changes. As parts of the coast are rebuilding, everyone is learning and adapting to the changes caused by the storms. Be careful when running the Intracoastal Waterway. Parts have sanded in due to the amount of water forced through the channel, and there is debris to be on the lookout for. Make sure the kill switch is attached while running.

    On October 26 we had our second round of the “Speaker Series” with Leslie D. Hartman as the keynote speaker. Leslie is the Matagorda Bay Ecosystem Leader for the CCA. His address of the state of the bay system in Matagorda sparked a frenzy of questions and led to an informative discussion for the entire group to enjoy. Topics included fish sampling, salinity levels in the bays, past proposals and future efforts to restore Parker’s Cut. The meal consisted of ribeye steaks and lobster, joined by dirty rice and salad. Thank you to everyone for their help getting this event planned and executed. Stay tuned for info on our third event!

    The San Bernard Chapter will host our 2018 Annual Fundraising Banquet on February 22 at Riverside Hall in East Bernard! Meal and raffle tickets are on sale now. This is the first year we have done a raffle ticket with three major prizes. Tickets are on the street and will be sold out by banquet opening. Contact your local board member today to reserve your seat and raffle tickets. For advanced tickets, contact Jarrod Cavness at (281) 541-5684 or Ross Kutach at (281) 330-0135.  Hope to see you all there!

    Until then – Stay safe, tight lines and fish on! – Ross Kutach

  • President: Ross Kutach 281.330.0135
    Brian Domel 979.533.2023
    Vice President: Board Cup  Jared Montagino
    Vice President: Social Coordinator/ Communications William Wilcox
    Vice President: Banquet Tickets  Jarrod Cavness
  • The San Bernard Board Cup Fishing Tournament was held on July 29, 2017 in Matagorda. Thank you for all of those who came out to fish and to show their support for CCA Texas!
  • The San Bernard Chapter will host our 2018 Annual Fundraising Banquet on February 22 at Riverside Hall in East Bernard!