The Prairie chapter is composed of Bellville, Sealy, Wallis, Eagle Lake, Columbus and their surrounding communities.


President Sharon Goebel 979.877.4103
Assistant Director Brian Weaver 800.626.4222


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  • Currents - Feb/Mar 2017

    I Hope everybody had a wonderful holiday!

    On December 17 we had our Annual Christmas Party at Randy Goebel's man cave. We enjoyed food and drinks that everyone brought. After the meal we had a gift exchange; few of the gifts made it around the room several times, and at the end everybody got a great gift.

    We are planning our 2017 Prairie Chapter Annual Banquet that will be held on Thursday, April 6 at the Cat Spring Hall. This year marks our 20th banquet, and it should be one of our best ones yet! We are discussing having a special raffle to celebrate the occasion. We still have Corporate Tables available for the evening; if you’re interested in purchasing a table, contact Kirk Hoppe at (979) 885-8868. We are also looking for sponsors to donate caps and tumblers, which are great items to advertise your business. If you would like to be a sponsor see any one of our board members.

    On Friday, February 24 we will be having our Chili Appreciation Dinner that will be in the Cat Spring Tin Building. The chili will be prepared from scratch by our board members using the famous Kirk recipe. The evening will consist of a raffle and silent auction, and our guest speaker will be Shane Bonnot, CCA Texas Advocacy Director. We will also have 2017 raffle tickets for the Polaris Ranger. If you would like to purchase one of the tickets at the chili dinner see one of the board members. The drawing will be held the night of the banquet on April 6.

    We hope to see everybody at the chili dinner and the banquet! Thanks – Ron Chess, (979) 525-9254

  • President: Sharon Goebel 979.877.4103
    Vice President: John Burttschell 281.732.9548
    Secretary: Ron Chess 979.525.9254
    Treasurer: Lori Cruz 713.992.7874
  • The 2017 Prairie Chapter Annual Banquet that will be held on Thursday, April 6 at the Cat Spring Hall. Stay Tuned for more details.