The Prairie chapter is composed of Bellville, Sealy, Wallis, Eagle Lake, Columbus and their surrounding communities.


President Patricia Walters 979.877.5598
Assistant Director Brian Weaver 800.626.4222


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  • Currents - June/July 2017

    We held the 2017 Annual Prairie Chapter Banquet on April 6 at the Cat Spring Hall. This year we celebrated the chapter’s 20th anniversary, and we had a lot of new games. The cap and card game was a big hit – For $20 you received a cap with a card attached, and if your card was drawn you won the gun it resembled. There were six guns in the game: 22-250, Remington 870 12ga, 308 Savage, 22lr Henry, Ruger a/r8500 and a Howa 270. Thanks to Fat Dog Firearms for providing the guns. Thanks to all the Sponsors who donated the Caps and Tumblers.

    This year for a $1 we raffled off a .243, and we also had a football square game – For $40 you got two chances to win a Henry Golden Boy 22 mg or a Remington 870 20gauge. We had a silent auction with some great items that went out to the highest bidder – A big thanks to CCA, Academy Sports + Outdoors and to everybody who donated gifts.

    The main event was our live auction. Thanks to Mark Switzer of Switzer Auction Services for being the auctioneer, and to his spotters for helping him. The auction consisted of hunting trips, fishing trips and prints. One of the biggest auction items was the Bull Red Table. It was for 8 people, and they were served their meals and drinks. The highest bidder was Diamond H Ranch. There were many more great items on the auction program. Thanks to all who bid. All of the winners received a 20th Anniversary cutting board and towel as a gift. Thanks to Miskeka BBQ and Chessdale Acres for the donation. The meal was a great hit as usual – Thank you to Mikeskas BBQ and his staff for catering the meal of prime rib and shrimp.

    Thanks to the girls from High Profile Promotions for selling the raffle tickets. Bucket raffle tickets were $5 each, and a $300 packet consisted of raffle tickets for the Polaris, pick of the stringer and several tickets for the bucket raffle. The Polaris winner was a man from Oklahoma.

    I also would like to thank Mark III for donating the koozies (20 year sponsor). And a special thanks to Wittenburg Printing for the donations and all of their hard work. Thanks to Pat and Frances Sechelski for the artwork framing, Visual Promotions for their donations and to everybody who donated and helped. A big thank you goes to all the board members who helped to make this a great success! Also thanks to Snuffy Garett and Ivan Menke for being our security for the evening. Thanks to Brian Weaver and all of the CCA staff for their help in making this Banquet successful.    

    Hope to see everybody next year! Thanks – Ron Chess, (979) 525-9254

  • President: Patricia Walters 979.877.5598
    Vice President: John Burttschell 281.732.9548
    Secretary: Ron Chess 979.525.9254
    Treasurer: Lori Cruz 713.992.7874
  • The 2017 Prairie Chapter Annual Banquet was held on Thursday, April 6 at the Cat Spring Hall. We had a fantastic turn out. Thank you to all who came out and showed their support!