The Dallas chapter is composed of Dallas, Tyler, Mesquite, Irving, Palestine, Plano, Lufkin, Garland, Carrolton, Richardson, Hurst, Haltom City, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Euless, Nacogdoches, St. Augustine and their surrounding communities.


President Matt Scherer 214.995.6777
Assistant Director Drew Adams 800.626.4222


  • CurrentsJune/ July 2017

    Before you set out for that 5-10 hour “run to the coast” to go fishing, do you look at the “Whether” Reports (i.e. whether or not I should go fishing based on the expected weather) and the Tide Charts for the particular area you want to fish? Sometimes it really comes down to just wanting to get away, and this is the only available time slot – But even then, we most likely check these reports to help formulate some sort of game plan, because nature changes! It is this “Nature” we enjoy to immerse ourselves in figuratively (and hopefully not literally) when wade fishing – Oops, pothole! We look for predictability in an environment that is always different today than it was yesterday. But it is this ebb and flow exchange of water that weather and tides provide that supports a healthy coastal fisheries environment. It is interesting that the CCA magazine is called Tide, and the CCA Texas magazine is Currents – and probably no accident that both names relate to the same phenomenon. We want that ebb to pull out the old, stagnant, dirty waters, and the flow to bring in fresh, nutrient-rich, clean waters. When you think of the scale of this natural process in an area the size of the Texas coast, it is humbling and awesome to think how small we really are and how vast and complex this “design” is. And how we, as part of CCA Texas have the opportunity to be stewards and helping hands of making the Texas coast a healthy environment; playing our parts in this life of being “givers,” not just “takers.”  Thank you Dallas Area CCA Members for supporting CCA Texas.

    The 2017 Dallas Chapter Annual Banquet was held on Thursday April 20, and you attendees really came through for CCA Texas. Thank You to our guests and donors. We really enjoy putting on this event for you each year. A special thanks to Mr. Rick Pope, of TFO Rods, who was the 2017 Dallas CCA Sportsman of the Year awardee. If you haven’t fished with a TFO fly, casting or spinning rod – you are truly missing out. These rods are designed by great fishermen for fishermen, and are very affordable. The funds raised at the banquet go directly to our state organization to support those projects and programs that are making a positive change in the waters we love. 

    The 2nd Annual Dallas “Hooked on Clays” sporting clays event will be held on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at Dallas Gun Club (so ask for time off that day from el jefe – whoever el jefe is in your life) and join the rest of us for a great afternoon of clay busting, food, prizes and more at this wonderful facility! Info is on the CCA website and Dallas calendar.

    We will be holding General Membership Meetings throughout the year, which we hope you will find time to attend. Again, please look on the CCA website and Dallas calendar.

    Before closing I would like to mention that Matt Scherer and Greg Resnansky are now the Dallas Chapter President and Vice President. These guys are truly a great team, and each of them did an outstanding job this past year in putting together our April event. With any luck, they will lead the chapter for the next few years! They bring great experience and enthusiasm for CCA Texas. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have been the Dallas Chapter President this past year, but like the pull of the tides, it is time to bring in a fresh chapter leadership team. The waters are calling, my friends. Best Regards – Bill Graswich


  • President: Matt Scherer 214.995.6777
    Vice President: Greg Resnansky
    Treasurer: Robert DiCicco
  • T.W. Bailey David Billinger Aaron Borden
    Rick Buferd Joe DeLeon Robert DiCicco
    Steve Dunbar Chet Fowler William Graswich
    Walker Hairston John Hansen Robert McMurray
    Craig Jones John McMurray Larry Patterson
    Travis Moore Julio Morales Matt Scherer
    Richard Pratt Greg Resnansky Cullen York
    Hal Thomas Tyler Thomas
  • The 2017 Dallas Chapter Banquet was held on Thursday, April 20 at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. We would like to thank all those that came out and showed their support for CCA!

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