The Centex chapter is composed of Waco, Temple, and their surrounding communities.


President Wayne Webb 254.405.1300
Assistant Director Brian Weaver 800.626.4222
  • TBD

  • Currents - Dec/Jan 2018
  • President: Wayne Webb
    Vice President: Joe Hague
    Treasurer: Brian Schmunsler
    Secretary: Jayson Drummond
    Banquet Chairman Rick Stecher
  • Phillip Black Ricky Heckel Brandon Silliman
    Ron Blackwell Brand Hensel Austin Stecher
    Donny Fratus Mike Hyde Johnny Tindle
    Joe Gonzales Zach Miller Hunter Webb
    Si Hanna David Peeples
  • The 2017 Centex Chapter Annual Banquet was held on Thursday, June 8 at the Palmer Events Center. Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers and attendees for supporting a fun night of fundraising!