Northwest Houston

The Northwest Houston chapter is composed of Champions, Cypress and their surrounding communities.


President Alan Massey 281.414.6341
Assistant Director Drew Adams 800.626.4222




    CCA Texas has experienced an incredible growth rate over the last 10 years. The projects and successes we have celebrated could never have come to realization without many factors coming together. Dedication from members is just one part of the success equation and we are in great debt and gratitude for the many volunteers and supporters.

    The Northwest Houston Chapter has shared those successes, seeing growth through membership and banquet attendance over the past few years.


    The Chapter Board meets a few times per year, coordinating banquet plans and more. We are looking for a few friends who would like to join us in making these decisions, as well as handling our books, planning other outings and general membership meetings.  Please consider joining the Board and helping us out a bit.  The health and well being of this chapter depends on these very folks who help to plan these itineraries. 

    Please let us hear from you, that you would be willing to help us plan the CCA Northwest Houston chapter’s future events.  


    Drew Adams – Assistant Director – 713/626-4222

    General Membership Meetings -
    1st Tuesday of  odd numbered months (February, April, June, August, October & December)
    Starts at 7:00 PM  at Houston Distributing on Cutten Road and 7100 High Life Dr. (Hwy 249 area). 

    Directors Meetings - 1st Tuesday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Sept, Nov at Houston Distributing on Cutten Road and 7100 High Life Dr. (Hwy 249) – Banquet meetings as called.

  • Currents - April/May 2017

    Our next General Membership Meeting is our Annual Member Appreciation Fish Fry on April 4 with all the fixin’s, so everyone come hungry! Our guest speaker is none other than Chicken Boy with Chicken Boy Lures. Do yourself a favor and come and enjoy a very lively and entertaining evening with this speaker. It will be held as usual at Houston Distributing, 7100 High Life Drive off Cutten Road in the Stein Room starting at 7:00 pm.  

    We want to thank Heather Schiappa from Galveston Bay Foundation who explained the Galveston Bay Report Card and what factors can impact the health of our bay. Everyone should do their part in maintaining the health of Galveston Bay. They need your input to improve and expand the 2017 Report Card at

    Due to a scheduling conflict at Sylvan Beach Park, our 2017 Annual Kid Fish Event is cancelled this year. We will strive to have a bigger and better one next year. But we are always happy to accept donations for our Kid Fish Program. Please let us know of your desire to donate anytime by contacting a director. If you wish to help with our Kid Fish, Fish Fry or Annual Fundraising Banquet, then become a director and join us for every first Tuesday of an ODD month. Our next BOD meeting is May 2nd, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

    Our June 6 General Meeting will feature Guest Speaker Bryan Slaven, “The Texas Gourmet”.  And he will be serving and demonstrating by video how to make a seafood gumbo, so everyone come and join us for a taste of this great dish!!! – Alan Massey, (281) 414-6341

  • President: Alan Massey 281.414.6341
    Treasurer: Teresa Sims 281.583.9451
    Secretary: Loretta Vasquez
    VP Operations: Lee Moynahan
    VP Banquet
    Rob Sziy 832.971.1989
  • The 2017 Northwest Houston Chapter Annual Banquet will be held Thursday, August 10 at the Raveneaux Country Club. Stay Tuned for more details.