Colorado Valley

The Colorado Valley chapter is composed of Fayette County and the surrounding communities.


President Eugene Ulrich 979.249.7425
Assistant Director Taylor Rieck 800.626.4222


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  • Currents - April/May 2017

    Greetings from the Colorado Valley!

    Our chapter has been working very hard and having a lot of fun doing it. Recently we put on two of the "Fish Fries for 20 People" we sold at last year’s banquet. Our first fry was January 21 in Flatonia, which was purchased for the second year in a row by Cecil Delgado with Masonry Works. A truly enjoyable evening was had by all. Those chapter members in attendance were Stephen, Matthew and Kenneth LeFrance; Rusty Kubena; Danny Olenick; Gary Janda; and Verlene and Eugene Ulrich. Our second fish fry was held a week later on January 29 in Winchester and was purchased by Murphy's Steakhouse in Winchester, also for the second year in a row. Richard and Georgianna Orona, owners of Murphy's Steakhouse, are longtime supporters of our chapter. The chapter members who participated in this Fry were Bo and Laurie Janda; Rusty and Trish Kubena; Verlene and Eugene Ulrich; and Gary Janda. It was held at the residence of Mr. Corky Palmer, and what wonderful hosts he and Monterrey Grant were! Everyone truly enjoyed the evening. We encourage anyone who attends our banquet to bid it up, and maybe they too can enjoy one of these great events!

    Our chapter is also very busy planning and getting ready for our 2017 Annual Chapter Banquet on March 30, which will be held probably before this update is published.

    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to fish with some of my best friends down in the Laguna Madre out of Corpus Christi. We had a great day fishing while fighting the wind and waves, and we really made the fish cleaning guy back at the dock work pretty hard.Wishing tight lines and bent rods to all! – Eugene Ulrich (979) 249-7425

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